SHF#8: Lime and Orange Marmalade with Grand Marnier

I havn’t participated in any food blog event for a while so I thought I would take part in this month’s Sugar High Friday #8 with the theme “Pucker up with citrus!” hosted by Alice at My Adventures at the Breadbox. Fredrik has the digital camera as he’s attending the E3 expo and conference in Los Angeles this week so therefore the photo was taken with my cellphone (= bad quality).

My original plan was to make a pie or at least to bake something for SHF#8, but lately I’ve felt an urge for making my own jam and it seems like every food blogger is making jam. So I decided to go for a citrus marmalade. I don’t really know what to say about the result because actually I’m not especially fond of citrus marmalade in the first place as I prefer strawberries and other fruits. I like the taste of the marmalade alot but the lime peels are a bit too hard and I don’t know why (but I do hope that they will soften up a bit) . The orange peels are soft and nice, so maybe the limes requires longer cooking. Does anyone have any ideas? My brother that got a jar of the marmalade when he was here this week said that it’s delicious (apart from the hard lime…) and that he could eat it just as it is.

The morning after I had made my marmalade I saw “Obachans” pretty orange jam and I realized that I didn’t can my jars. She cooked her filled jam jars and I’m wondering how important that is? Before I made my jam I looked at Swedish recipes and there was nothing written about it there, besides from cleaning and pouring cooking water into the jars before filling them with the jam.

Anyway, here’s the recipe. Makes two small jars.

* * * * *

Lime and Orange Marmalade with Grand Marnier

2 limes and1 orange (a total of 400 gr of citrus)
400 gr jam sugar (contains sugar, lemon acid, apple pectin and Sodium benzoate )
150 ml water
50 ml Grand Marnier (which is a orange flavored cognac based liqueur)

Start with putting a small plate in the freezer. Scrub the citrus fruits and then slice and cut them thinly. Put the fruit, water and sugar in a pan and boil rapidly. Boil until the setting point is reached, about 15 minutes. To see if the marmalade is ready, take out the plate from the freezer and put a spoonful of marmalade on it. If the marmalade doesn’t set just continue with the cooking. Pour the marmalade into clean jars when ready.

Serve with ice cream, on bread or just eat it as it is :-)

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  1. Alice
    May 22nd, 2005 01:44

    Funny, because I almost chose jam/jellies/preserves as my theme! :) I adore Grand Marnier in jam…I actually have a recipe from Gourmet Preserves, by Judith Choate, for Strawberry Jam with Grand Marnier…it is THE best jam I’ve ever made! (And you might like it better…with the strawberries and all.) I plan on making a batch every year as the strawberries come in, which will just be a few weeks from now in Ohio. I’d be happy to send you the recipe…hmm, maybe I should post it as well. :)

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