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We just moved into the new flat last Saturday and there are still unpacked boxes standing everywhere. But the kitchen is ready to use and fully equipped. I’m still tired and exhausted after the move and during the weekend Fredrik found out that he had to go to Los Angeles for E3, a big game expo and conference. So we had to try to find all his clothes and passport on Sunday when we found out that the tickets were booked. Luckily the passport was here in Gothenburg and not in Stockholm, but we still had to go out and shop some clothes as he has most of his clothes in Stockholm were he has been working since September last year. But in two weeks he will be home for good :-) It will be great to have him here at home everyday and not just during weekends. Wonderful! But this also means that this month is very hectic and stressful for us. We still have to clear and move the things from the attic of the old flat this Sunday and Fredrik won’t be home from LA until late Saturday night, tired and jetlagged…And of course the whole flat needs to be cleaned before we leave the keys to the next tenant.And the weekend after that we need to move home Fredrik’s personal things from the furnished flat in Stockholm that he has been renting. But I don’t want to think about all that, at least not at the moment…

Lakritz Passion

Anyway, I love the new flat. It’s light and fresh looking, and it’s very very central. My brother came yesterday for our weekly dinner and we had a nice time. I made my red lentil soup and to that we had fresh bread that I bought at Saluhallen. On his way home to me, my brother went to Conditori Chocolatier Steinbrenner & Nyberg where they make lovely cakes and pastries. He bought chocolate and also two Lakritz Passion pastries for dessert. The bottom of the pastry consists of sponge cake, then there’s a lovely cream made out of passion fruit that is covered with a liqurice mousse. The whole pastry has a white chocoloate cover and is decorated with some liquorice. I know that it sounds like a weird combination but it was amazing! The liquorice mousse and the passion cream goes really well toghether, it’s a wonderful combo! Mmm, so yummy!

Before my brother went home, I gave him a jar of my contribution for this week’s Sugar High Friday that I made on Wednesday. But that post will not come up until Friday :-)

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  1. Kelli
    May 19th, 2005 21:06

    I just moved 2 weeks ago (250 miles away from my home!) and had very similar experiences: My cats love sleeping on and about all the boxes, the kitchen was the first room I set up, and I still have boxes all over the place, waiting to be unpacked. Enjoy the new flat! I love mine, too. =)

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