Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Raspberry Mousse Cake

Today is my beloved mother’s birthday and I wish her happiness, love, health and all the best. She is truly the best mother you could wish for, she is always there for me no matter what and her cooking is amazing. We visited her yesterday for dinner and some birthday cake, actually two ones. The cakes were delicious as always, all her cakes are wonderful!! She made a raspberry mousse cake containing whipped cream, sugar, egg yolks and raspberries and she also made a chocolate gâteau containing chocolate cream and vanilla cream decorated with whipped cream. The raspberry mousse cake was soft and fluffy with a wonderful taste of raspberries, it was amazing. I’m so sorry that you can’t taste the delicious cakes, but I will take an extra bite especially for you this evening when I’ll eat the left overs :-)

Chocolate Gâteau

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  1. keiko
    May 10th, 2005 14:30

    The cakes look really delicious and I’m glad you had a wonderful time, happy happy birthday!

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