Horse Polo

As usual time flies and the list of all of my planned posts with photos is just getting longer and longer; my business trip to Milano and all the wonderful food that I ate there, all delicious dishes that Fredrik has made, my birthday buffet, the weekly dinners with my brother, etc. I’ll really try to post at least some of them this week, but I’ll start with this Saturday.

This Saturday Fredrik’s friend Andreas woke us up really early with a phone call. We knew that he was taking Fredrik for a horse polo lesson but we didn’t know which time. And it turned out to be early, really early… We didn’t even have time to eat our usual Saturday breakfast with freshly baked Cinnamon buns (from the store of course, who wants to bake before breakfast on Saturday morning…), other nice things to eat and a fresh newspaper. As I always look forward to the weekend breakfast I wasn’t too happy leaving home, and especially not with an empty stomach. But there was nothing to do about it as Andreas already was waiting for us in his car. On our way to the stable we stopped at a petrol station and bought sandwiches and yoghurt which just made me more sulky as I hardly managed to chew the dry bread.

Not so delicious breakfast…

Somehow I managed to cheer up, especially when we finally came to the stable and saw all beautiful horses. After the long preparation of the horses it was finally time to start the lesson. I don’t know much about horse polo, only that it’s not as posh here as in England and that you also use bigger horses in Sweden.

Fredrik’s lesson went very well, even though he hadn’t ridden on a horse for the last ten years he was very good and he even hit the ball occasionally :-) It was rather cold to stand and watch but we had some hot tea and butterkaka (which is a kind of ring cake with vanilla cream) while the horses ate some grass… :-) When we finally got home we were really frozen and smelled horse (of course!). For dinner we made some lovely Penne Fattorini with a lot of parmesan that I bought when I was in Milan, Italian wine and some warm garlic bread.

I took more and better photos with my camera (these ones were taken with the cell phone), I’ll try to upload them this evening.

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