Mi Noodlebar

This Saturday me, Fredrik, my brother and a friend went to Liseberg which is a really great amusement park in walking distance from our home. It was spring premiére and we went to try the new ride Kanonen (the Cannon) which is a roller coaster that reaches a speed of 75 km/h under two seconds (!!!). I was very nervous before the start, but the ride was truly great!!! Then we took a ride on Balder, my special love… Balder is the biggest wooden coaster in Scandinavia and I love it. I never knew that you can love a roller coaster but I really do… Every autumn when they close Liseberg for the winter I get really sad. But as the season just has started I’ll have plenty of time for as many rides as I want to :-) After the rides we ate freshly baked waffles with whipped cream, ice cream and jam. It was wonderful to sit on a sunny park bench eating waffles. It was a great day even though I lost a lot of money trying to win teddy bears and chocolate…


After some hours at Liseberg we all got hungry and went to my favourite noodle bar in Göteborg, Mi Noodlebar on Västra Hamngatan. When I go to Mi, I tend to always order the same dish: Salmon with Teriyaki sauce and wooked rice for 79 SEK. The dish is really nice, and even though the Ramen dishes are very nice as well no one beats the great Salmon dish. The sauce is exellent and the wooked rice with eggs is delicous. We usually don’t eat any starters, we just go for a main course and a dessert (always deep fried banana with bean paste and ice cream), but this time our friend ordered really nice dumplings before the main course (salmon for all) and we all skipped dessert as we had already eaten waffles. The salmon was great as always, and we all enjoyed our meal. I really recommend this noodlebar as the food is exellent, the prices are very reasonable and the staff is friendly.

Salmon with Teriyaki sauce

Sorry for the bad photo quality, the photos were taken with my cell phone.

3 Responses to “Mi Noodlebar”

  1. Tracey
    April 27th, 2005 13:06

    Hi! Just found your great blog. I’m on Tjörn. We were at Liseberg on Saturday too! The line for Canonen was 2 hours so I only took pictures. Next time, for sure. And I also lost a lot money trying to win chocolate. I only won 2 small Marabou bars. By the way, did you think Kex was a good or bad change? I like that it was a star winner every time, but it is now 4 times more expensive! Usch. (but I really wanted to win!!)

  2. Dagmar
    April 27th, 2005 13:40

    Hi Tracey,

    Nice to see you here :-) Tjörn is a nice island, but I havn’t been there in a while.

    We came to Liseberg just before they opened and we went to the south entrance and hence avoided the long queue outside the main entrance :-) So when we came to the Kanonen there was only a 20 minute line.

    I think that Kexchoklad-hjulet was a bad change, as you say it’s nice with a star winner everytime but it’s too expensive. Yesterday at work I also found out that Liseberg had hired a lot of girls to carry around the large Kex-chocolates so that everyone would think that it was really easy to win :-/

  3. Barbara Fisher
    April 28th, 2005 05:27

    Oh, what pretty dumplings!

    Pst, Dagmar–I finally posted a picture of one of our cats (a kitten, actually) on my blog. You will have to run over and check him out, for I caught him being disgustingly cute.

    And I knew you would want to see.