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Mi Noodlebar

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

This Saturday me, Fredrik, my brother and a friend went to Liseberg which is a really great amusement park in walking distance from our home. It was spring premiére and we went to try the new ride Kanonen (the Cannon) which is a roller coaster that reaches a speed of 75 km/h under two seconds (!!!). I was very nervous before the start, but the ride was truly great!!! Then we took a ride on Balder, my special love… Balder is the biggest wooden coaster in Scandinavia and I love it. I never knew that you can love a roller coaster but I really do… Every autumn when they close Liseberg for the winter I get really sad. But as the season just has started I’ll have plenty of time for as many rides as I want to :-) After the rides we ate freshly baked waffles with whipped cream, ice cream and jam. It was wonderful to sit on a sunny park bench eating waffles. It was a great day even though I lost a lot of money trying to win teddy bears and chocolate…


After some hours at Liseberg we all got hungry and went to my favourite noodle bar in Göteborg, Mi Noodlebar on Västra Hamngatan. When I go to Mi, I tend to always order the same dish: Salmon with Teriyaki sauce and wooked rice for 79 SEK. The dish is really nice, and even though the Ramen dishes are very nice as well no one beats the great Salmon dish. The sauce is exellent and the wooked rice with eggs is delicous. We usually don’t eat any starters, we just go for a main course and a dessert (always deep fried banana with bean paste and ice cream), but this time our friend ordered really nice dumplings before the main course (salmon for all) and we all skipped dessert as we had already eaten waffles. The salmon was great as always, and we all enjoyed our meal. I really recommend this noodlebar as the food is exellent, the prices are very reasonable and the staff is friendly.

Salmon with Teriyaki sauce

Sorry for the bad photo quality, the photos were taken with my cell phone.

The Philadelphia Experiment

Saturday, April 9th, 2005

I love cream cheese, especially plain Philadelphia. What goes best with that? Well, bagels of course. The problem in Sweden though is that they’re not common, at least not in Gothenburg. If you don’t want to go to the wonderful café “Bönor och Bagels”, the only option left is to bake them yourself. After reading Moira’s post, I thought that maybe I could manage to do them. And after Zarah Maria’s post where she tried Moira’s recipe I came to the conclusion that I definitely would succeed.

It started well. I did the dough and it rose just as it should. There was only one small fire, which was quickly extinguished… I cooked the 3 first ones and they turned out nicely even though Fredrik thought that they were rather roughly shaped.

When I cooked the next 3 ones I somehow forgot about the time, and I think (please correct me if I’m wrong) that they were over cooked. They looked perfect until I put them on the rack, after 10 seconds they turned small and hard… Just look at the below photo for the difference… :-(

I almost wanted to cry. I hate to fail in the kitchen and I was hungry and whiny. Last weekend I failed enourmously with a cake (I’ll write another post about that as I will give it a new try for the next SHF). The last 2 bagels were still big after the cooking, so at this point at least 5 of 8 bagels were OK. I sprinkled poppy seeds on 3 of them and sesame seeds on the last 2. I baked them in the oven and they turned out quite well. They were delicous together with a lot of Philadelphia, raw red onion and cucumber. But I’m still sulky… Next time (yes, there will be another one) I will make them perfect! And next time I will also let them to rise after forming the bagels, as I hope that they will be smoother then.

Cookie Monster becomes Broccoli Monster

Friday, April 8th, 2005

The new healthy Cookie Monster
(photo: www.aftonbladet.se)

Oh no… The Cookie Monster will skip wonderful unhealthy cookes for broccoli and healthy vegetables… Today I read an article in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet about poor Cookie Monster that has to eat less cookies due to the growing problems with obesity among children. Apparently 16 % of all American childen between 6 and 19 years are suffering from obesity. The Cookie Monster will teach the children watching Sesame Street that too many cookies make it difficult to learn new things and that cookies only is a “sometime food”. I think that it’s a very good initiative as children is getting fatter and fatter and need to form healthy habits at young years, but I’m still worried about the Cookie Monster… Will he really manage without cookies and will he now change his name to Broccoli Monster? And what about his wonderful cookie song, “C is for cookie”?

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Fresh Salmon with Lime and Basil cover

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Fresh Salmon with Lime and Basil Cover

This is my very best salmon dish that I love to cook, eat and serve as it’s very appreciated among my family and friends. Everyone that tries this dish ask for the recipe. Unfortunatelly I can’t say that I invented the recipe by myself as it’s from the Swedish dairy company Arla (the Swedish recipe can be found here ). But that doesn’t matter as it’s really delicious, luxurious and easy to make! The salmon is covered with crème fraiche, fresh basil, lime and smoked salmon. Salmon times 2! I usually serve the salmon with Pommes chateau or risoni blended with vegetables, often together with a cold sauce made of sourcream, finely minced chive and caviar. Last time I served the salmon with pasta (see the photo) which was good, but the earlier meantioned sauce and Pommes chateau tastes much better!

Here’s my own version of the original recipe (If you compare with the original recipe I use more of the smoked salmon and also less fresh salmon, just to get more of the nice topping…):

Fresh Salmon with Lime and Basil cover

Fresh fillet of salmon, about 700 grams (about 1.5 pound)
150 grams of smoked salmon (about 0.33 pound)
2 deciliter crème fraiche (about 0.9 cups)
3 tbsp chopped fresh basi
1 lime (grate the peel and squeeze out half of the juice)

Put the salmon fillet in a buttered baking tin. Add salt and pepper. Chop the smoked salmon finely and blend with crème fraiche, basil, lime juice and lime peel. Add some pepper. Cover the salmon with the mixture and cook in the oven for about 20 minutes in 200° C (in my own oven 225° C though…).

Easter Dinner

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
I totally forgot to make a post about Easter Dinner so here it comes. We went to my parents and as usual we had a lot of food. The latest years my mother has calmed down and doesn’t cook as much as when we were kids, but she still makes a lot of food. So we ended up with an enormous amount of food to take home :-) But it’s one of the best things with holidays, when you get home and then fill the fridge with all delicous leftowers that you got from “home”.

Here is everything that we ate this Easter Dinner. Earlier years we had even more, but we don’t eat as much nowadays :-)


Jajko Swiecone
(First we shared one of the blessed eggs and wished each other good health and other nice things, see previous post)

Eggs with mayonnaise and roe

Salatka z rakami
(Shrimp salad)

Salatka kartoflana
(Salad with potatoes, carrots, peas, mayonnaise etc)

Sledzie w smietanie
(Herring pickled in Créme Fraiche and onion)

Smoked Salmon

(Polish sausage)

Kurczak w galaretce
(Chicken in jelly)

Main courses:

Fillet of Pork with mushroom sauce

Fish burgers

Fish in sauce


Makowiec z serem & Sernik
(Poppy Seed cake & Polish baked cheesecake)

Tort czekoladowy
(Chocolate cake)

Sernik na zimno