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The last week has been extremely hectic at work, but luckily for me and unluckily for Fredrik he caught the flu last Sunday and therefore didn’t fly to Stockholm this week. So I had an ill boyfriend at home all week when returning from work every day. But as most ill people he didn’t have any appetite so the food this week hasn’t been very exciting and thus no posts to my food blog. But today I realised that I havn’t written about my adventures as a food blog copycat during the past weeks :-)

The upper lasagna is the one from Anne’s blog
and the lower is the vegetarian one.

The first recipe that I tried was found at Anne’s Food, she made an amazing lasagna that we just had to try some weeks ago. Fredrik got the whole lasagna for himself as I made a vegetarian one for myself. I will post that recipe another time. Fredrik said that Anne’s lasagna was truly amazing and that it was the best lasagna that he has ever eaten!

Saffron and Black Pepper Pasta with grated Parmesan

The second recipe that I tried was from Jennifer at Domestic Goddess , a wonderful pasta with saffron and black pepper . I got very inspired while reading her post and recipe, and as I don’t owe any pasta machine I asked my mother to bring her when she came to visit me the same week. The result was a delicious pasta that I ate with parmesan. Very yummy and very pleasant to make as well, as the scent of saffron and pepper spread while the pasta is made.

Today I just had to make the cheesecake that Zarah Maria at Food & Thoughts tried some days ago, White Chocolate and Dulche de Leche Cheesecake. She found the recipe for it at Santo’s blog Scent of Green Bananas . Just as in Denmark we don’t have Dulche de Leche in Sweden, as far as I know. So I did just as Zarah Maria, I boiled a can with condensed milk… I was really scared that my boiling can would explode, but that of course never happened. I made sure that the can was covered with a lot of water during the 3 hourse that I boiled it. It was very exciting to open the can when it was cool enough, and a lovely caramel appeared. The cheesecakes (I made two) were easy to make and I whipped the cream, but I’m not quite sure if it was supposed to be whipped, as the original recipe didn’t say anything about it. I also baked the base in the oven for 5 minutes and only used 200 grams of white chocolate as that was all that I had.

So how did the cheesecake taste? Well, I’m a cheesecake purist (!) and I believe that the cake didn’t taste very “cheesecakey” at all. But it was a really nice cake, but just didn’t taste like a cheesecake. Fredrik on the other hand isn’t so fond of cheesecakes, but he really liked this one, because of the high amount of chocolate and partly because it’s fluffier than ordinary cheesecakes.

Boiling can with condensed milk

Yummy caramel…

Two cheesecakes ready to put in the refrigerator

One of my darling cats, Yoshi, supervising me while making cheesecakes.

12 Responses to “Copy Cat”

  1. Kim
    February 19th, 2005 22:13

    the cheesecake looks good, so does the pasta and the cat! (Not that I’m about to eat cats ;) I have to try the cheesecake recipe someday (but I’m not quite a baker more a fryer.)

  2. Sam Breach (Sixy Beast)
    February 20th, 2005 03:12

    Hey Dagmar
    I only just noticed you live in Goteborg. I worked there once for 6 weeks and I loved it.
    I swear Sweden has the best cakes and sandwiches and breads I have ever tasted. And I love that old-fashioned indoor food market they have in the centre of town.
    But really – the cakes – Ummm! Marvellous!

  3. Barbara Fisher
    February 20th, 2005 05:51

    Glad to see you posting again–I was beginning to worry!

    Yoshi looks like a great supervisor!

    I might have to try that pasta recipe myself, after I unpack the pasta machine.

    I hope that the flu is all done with; both Zak and I had a bout of it in January and it was terrible. I hate it when we both get sick.

  4. kissekatten
    February 21st, 2005 08:20

    The cheesecake is really easy to make so you don’t have to worry. But as I wrote it didn’t appeal to me so much… But my boyfriend really likes it.

    I’m glad to hear that you’ve been here and that you liked it. Where did you work when you were here? That indoor food market (Saluhallen) is indeed great, and when we move in June we’ll live just a two minutes walk away from it.

    No need to worry, I’m fine (apart from being tired and stressed due to my job). But at least I didn’t catch the flu and Fredrik is now well again. I agree that it’s horrible when both get sick at the same time.
    But I still havn’t caught up with all other food blogs yet, so I’ll spend the whole evening reading :-)

    The pasta is really delicious, so try it when you’re settled and unpacked in your new house.

  5. Zarah Maria
    February 21st, 2005 20:38

    I agree Dagmar, with regards to it not being a “real” cheesecake. I’m no expert on the field or nothing, but it didn’t seem like a cheesecake to me either – wouldn’t a proper cheesecake be baked, for one thing? This was more like – well, a roll of chocolate digestives dipped in a giant tub of cream cheese and dulce de leche in between – rich and decadent, and I absolutely loved it, but it really wasn’t “cakey” at all!

  6. keiko
    February 22nd, 2005 12:22

    Dagmar – Your kitty has the same colour as mine (yours looks much posher though)… I’ve been to Goteborg too (well, actually just passed on motorbike) – I love Scandinavia (maybe you can tell from my blog title!), they are really beautiful. Hope your boyfriend gets better soon!

  7. Avatar
    February 27th, 2005 01:14

    The lasagne looks delicious, but really, I just posted to say how cute your cat looks. :-)

  8. Anonymous
    May 31st, 2005 17:19


    try that if u like indian food…looks like 1 of the best sites i found…

  9. Pamela
    June 15th, 2006 08:29

    Again with the gorgeous photos and recipes!!!! Yoshi is a complete cutie!!

    Consider yourself linked!!

  10. Dagmar
    June 25th, 2006 22:42

    Hi Pamela,
    Thanks for all kind comments! :-) I’m flattered! :-)

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    February 13th, 2010 12:04

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