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I thought that I would be lucky and escape this one, but as soon as I saw that Anne was tagged by Oslo Foodie some days ago I some how knew that Anne would pass it on to me :-) But I’m still glad to be included even though I’m having a big problem passing it further :-) But when I’ll reach the last question I’ll pick out 3 persons and until then no one is safe from this music chain that’s spreading on all food blogs…

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
I have about 100 complete albums.

The CD you last bought?
I can’t actually remember. But I think it was a CD (with only 4 or 5 songs) by the Swedish singer Jens Lekman.

What was the song you last listened to before reading this message?
I’m at work now and the last song before seeing Anne’s post was Stockholm Snow by the Norwegian (at least I think so) singer Karin Park.

Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
I will mostly write down complete albums as it’s hard to pick individual songs. I listen to all kinds of music and I’m very fond of JPop. Here are some various songs and albums that I enjoy:

Album: Veneer by José Gonzalez

“Don’t you know that I’ll be around to guide you
Through your weakest moments to leave them behind you
Returning nightmares only shadows
We’ll cast some light and you’ll be alright
We’ll cast some light and you’ll be alright for now”

(José Gonzalez, Crosses)

José Gonzalez is a doctoral student in bio chemistry at the University in Gothenburg, Sweden. He’s also making a musical career with his own songs that he accompanies with his acustic guitar. He’s amazing and very talented

(You can listen to some of his songs (including the above, Crosses) at this site).

Album: Love In The Time Of Science by Emiliana Torrini

“Did you know that tuna fish
Float up to the surface
Belly to the moonlight
just to cool down their heart down
‘Cause it helps them just to think about the hurtful things
I guess it’s just one wait to get them some sedation”

(Emiliana Torrini, Tuna Fish)

I LOVE this album, I really do. It’s impossible to pick a single song from it. I like all of her songs, but I’m not very happy with her latest album Fisherman’s Woman. Hopefully I’ll get used to it and will appreciate it more. Emiliana Torrini is from Iceland and her songs are great.

Song: Magic Carpet Ride by Pizzicato Five

“It’s strange but you and I
have been friends since forever
Don’t you think it feels like we’ve loved each other
for two thousand light years?
and before we realise we’ll be old (it’s alright if)
We can go on having so much fun forever
magic carpet ride
It’s like magic
when I wake up there you are
it smells like flowers
Let’s cross two thousand light years
once again on a persian carpet”

(Pizzicato Five, Magic Carpet Ride, translated from Japanese)

I use to listen to various songs by the Japanese group Pizzicato Five. This is my favourite one.

Album: Café Del Mar Vol 6
This album makes my heart ache. Under the first period that I lived with Fredrik we always listened to this album. It reminds about joy, anxiety, despair, happiness and a deep endless love that became even stronger, despite the horrible circumstances that we tried to master. It’s a long and complicated story (with a lucky ending!) that I won’t write down here. The album contains wonderful songs like Beautiful by Mandalay and Traveller by Talvin Singh, I really recomend listening to it.

(Here you can listen on samples form the album, go to CD’s and choose Vol 6).

Song: Voices from the Anime Macross Plus
A beautiful Japanese a cappella song from an anime movie.

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?
The first person I’m passing this on to is Keiko at NordLjus. She’s a new food blogger with great photos and as she’s from Japan I really would like to hear what she listens to.

Next up is Chika at She Who Eats. I love her blog and wonderful tempting photos. I’m very interested in Japanese culture and food, and that’s why I choose both Keiko and Chika :-)

Last but absolutely not least is Barbara at Tigers & Strawberries. I love reading her long posts, very often about Chinese food and culture. She also gives me insight in American culture and food. It will be interesting getting to know which music Barbara listens to.

Hmmm, yes I know… As you can see I have a weakness for Asian culture :-)

5 Responses to “Music In My Kitchen”

  1. Anne
    February 11th, 2005 10:33

    Nice! And thanks for playing! :) Hey, does my blog look weird to you this morning? It seems my sidebar has slided all the way to the bottom, and I don’t know what’s happened. Or is it just on my computer..? Weird!

  2. kissekatten
    February 11th, 2005 10:47

    Anne, You’re right, the right frame is at the bottom. Weird. I had the same problem once when I posted a photo that was too wide, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem in this case. (I posted this comment on your page Anne, but it dissapeared!?). Strange things are happening today, and I’m not even able to post a comment on “She who eats”..


  3. Anne
    February 11th, 2005 11:22

    Strange things are happening indeed! It must be connected to my Music-post (all posts before that look ok) but I just can’t figure it out. How annoying! Oh well. I’ve written to blogger to hear if the new commenting formatting has anything to do with it.

  4. OsloFoodie
    February 11th, 2005 11:43

    Yes, Karin Park is Norwegian, though embarrassingly I haven’t listened to her :-)), very bad of me. I do listen to Café Del Mar but now I can’t find their album that I got. It’s funny because one of my favourite songs is actually Swedish, “Dansa på min grav” by Bo Kaspers Orkester. I’m going to go to the links you have there Dagmar right after work, I am sneaking out from work a bit, ssshh.

  5. Barbara Fisher
    February 12th, 2005 01:12

    Thank you for passing the game to me, Dagmar! I had fun posting about my musical life.

    Speaking of music, I should go practice guitar….see ya!

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