Fresh Salmon Cutlets

Fresh Salmon Cutlets
I love fresh fish, especially Salmon. Earlier I always believed that it’s complicated to cook fish, but actually it’s so simple. And it’s the nearest you can come to meat, according to dear Fredrik :-) This weekend we had Salmon cutlets both Friday and Sunday, Fredrik took care of the fish and I took care of the pasta. Friday I made Parmesan Risoni and Sunday I just took some plain Penne with Olive Oil and a lot of grated Parmesan. Pasta really goes well with Salmon, but next time I’ll make Risoni I’ll add fried onion and paprika, and also more spices.

Fresh Salmon Cutlets with Parmesan Risoni

2 fresh Salmon cutlets

Risoni (2 deciliter/20 cl/1 cup )
Crème Fraiche or Sour Cream (1.5 deciliter/15 cl/0.6 cup)
grated Parmesan (1.5 deciliter/15 cl/0.6 cup )
Chive (2 tbsp)

Cook the Risoni according to the instructions on the parcel. Drain the Risoni when ready and then put it back in the pan. Mix the Risoni with Crème Fraiche, Parmesan, Chive, salt and pepper.
Fry the Salmon cutlets in butter, for about 3.5 minutes on each side.


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  1. Anne
    January 20th, 2005 10:10

    Whee – vad kul att se dig här! Då har vi både britter och matlagning som gemensamma intressen! :) Jag har flyttat bloggen – istället för den vanliga adressen till Where’s My Dinner finns den nu på http://annesfood.blogspot.com

    Ha det så bra – och vi kanske skulle träffas någon gång när du är i Stockholm? :)

  2. Morenita
    July 3rd, 2007 16:13

    I am enjoying your site. Particularly the http://www.acatinthekitchen.com/?p=227 post, thank you!

    I was wondering if you knew anything of fresh salmon and sushi. I like it raw, but am not sure on how to choose it, or use it.
    I would appreciate any help!
    Thank you!
    (which means dark skinned girl in spanish)

  3. Jamin
    May 7th, 2009 23:55

    Hi there, I love your recipes! I run a soul food recipe site and was wondering if you mind if I use some of them on my site?

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